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  • Awareness campaigns and training programmes in religious organisations and schools on Child’s rights, career paths, basic Hunan rights, Proper parenting skills, relationships, domestic and sexual violence.
  • Free Medical outreach in a remote locationfor Widows, orphans and person with disabilities at Iragbo, Iragon, Mowo, Badagry, Lagos.
  • Skill acquisition, development and empowerment training for Widows, Orphans and person with disabilities as a tool to promote gender equality and poverty alleviation.
  • Distributions of food, items and clothing to vulnerable persons for sustenance.
  • Media and print publications to eradicate illiteracy and ignorance.


  • Project on livelihood training and support for girls with disabilities and orphans. Supported the beneficiaries to identify their skill and innate potentials, develop alternate means of employment, sustenance and education.
  • Widows’ empowerment and provision of welfare program.
  • Awareness campaigns and training programmes in religious organisations and schools on Child’s rights, career paths, Women’s Right, Proper parenting skills, domestic and sexual violence.
  • Provided counselling/ therapy for victims of violence.
  • Sponsored and promoted the education of children with disabilities.


  • Training workshop on Women’s rights and empowerment for Widows.
  • Intervened in cases on sexual and domestic violence
  • Yearly Youth Female Programme on Sex and the Total Woman, Single Ladies Heart 2 Heart Forum. Promoted awareness of sexual violence and the needed response.
  • Training of paralegal on rendering appropriate support to victims of sexual violence and counselling.


Skill acquisition, development and empowerment training upon successful completion seed capital were given to female orphans to undertake entrepreneurial activities.

Over the past years REFUG Foundation has reached hundreds of widows, children, youths, young mothers, orphans, victims of sexual abuse and people with disabilities through various programmes and project in both cities and remote areas in Nigeria supporting, informing and educating people to speak out, to be empowered and to be informed.Amongst other activities, for the older adults we educate and train them on proper parenting skills, being role models for their children, sexual and reproductive health, and acquisition of skills to alleviate poverty and as tool for eradicating sexual violence.

We work with experts in business development and management who assist beneficiaries to set up, assess loan and grow their businesses upon conclusion of the practical skill acquisition trainings. Our impact is felt in and out of schools, religious and non-religious institutions, rural and urban communities in Nigeria. Through the support we render in sponsoring and promoting the education of child with disabilities, one of our beneficiary; Paul Chukwu with the aid of the Foundation accessed medical treatment which corrected his health challenges and now he is no longer in the bracket of persons with disability. In summary some of our impacts are:

  • Financial independence through knowledge of entrepreneurial activities.
  • Emergence of new micro-enterprises by beneficiaries
  • Reduced incidences of sexual assault, molestation, victimization and violence
  • Identification and development of skills and potentials
  • Built self-confidence and empowered women to have a voice amongst their contemporaries in the society.
  • Increased knowledge of community women and girls on human rights
  • Increased sensitivity levels on issues of violence against women and girls
  • Strengthened local community network of women and girls in promoting communal development and addressing violence.
  • Free eye check-up, drugs and glasses administration.
  • Sponsoring the education of the girl child as a tool to curb early marriage, this includes persons with disabilities and orphans.

Paul Chukwu, A Child with Disability

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